Friday, April 22, 2011

My coupon says "Do Not Double," what does this mean?

Other than KMart, which I touched on in a previous post, we have no stores that double coupons, so this really doesn't mean much to you, but you may/WILL eventually come across a cashier that also doesn't understand what this means and will give you a problem with your coupons.  In certain areas of the country, the stores will double the face value of a coupon meaning that if you present them with a 50c coupon, they give you credit for $1.00 off.  Sometimes, however, cashiers think that if you've handed them two or three or four identical coupons for the same number of identical items you are trying to purchase, you are trying to double.  There is also another line on your coupons which can trip up a cashier, "limit one coupon per purchase," for the same above reason.  Some manufactuer's have actually begun using a little more descriptive wording such as "limit one coupon per item purchased" which is actually what that little line means.  If you are buying 3 identical items, you can use 3 identical coupons.  If your cashier has trouble understanding this, you have a couple of options.  Either ask them, "if I am not PURCHASING these items (beyond the first one), that means you are giving them to me?" or you could just have them rung up in separate transactions.  This is always fun when you have 10+ coupons, because they eventually get frustrated and say, "I'll do it THIS ONE TIME" and ring everything up together.   


  1. i was wondering where you could redeem 7 identical on 7 items ... i tried this at hy-vee (for soups or soup mixes, iirc) and was told i could only use one coupon on the items during my entire transaction. so i could use one coupon on one soup and get the others for full price.

  2. All stores should let you, you probably just had an uninformed cashier.